About Us

We provide services to social ventures, non-profit and for-profit organizations that work toward the common good. While these organizations have long-term goals and aspirations, funding restrictions limit their outlook to short-term, day-to-day operations. We strive to partner with local social ventures in order to increase organizational efficiency and thus enable them to best serve our community.


Leveraging student knowledge to promote community development through strategic consulting initiatives for social ventures in Champaign County.

Our Approach

Consulting for Change forms teams of roughly 5 students seeking to better the community and enhance their professional abilities. These teams engage in semester-long consulting projects with local social ventures to complete projects at their request or provide a general assessment of their organization. These students are trained and supported by the experienced consultants who sit on the executive board of Consulting for Change. Teams provide deliverables regularly throughout the semester and present final recommendations to clients at the end of the engagement.